Monday, October 12, 2009

no chubbies?

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a cupcake fan. I just think they're pretty. Don't make me throw them at you, though...

I found this on the CrossFit Unlimited site. For the record, I'd hate to add to the discussion on The Anti-Gym. Any gym that preys on the vanity and insecurity of people is absolutely insane. According to this article, here are some things to look forward to at the Anti-Gym:

Anti-Gym's motto is "Have Sex With the Lights On." ...A roster keeps track of how people are doing at Anti-Gym: Dean's List, Jimmy Dean's Sausage List and the Fatso List. If you slack off in a drill, your entire group is punished. The men's and women's locker rooms lead to a coed shower area. And then there's the Ravish Room, a private room with a hot tub and sauna and shower that, with a secret code, only admits men with 11 percent body fat and women with 16 percent body fat.

I don't even know where to begin with this one. While I'm as vain as the next person, I have absolutely no desire to pay money to a gym that would dare put me on the "Fatso List." The Aniti-Gym motto is "have sex with the lights on." Puh-lease. Like I need permission from my gym to do that! As for the hot tub, I have one at my house. Anyone is invited - body fat and all. Call it my stubborn-ness. Or my strong opinions. Or my high sense of self. But you have to be a bona fide asshole to pay another asshole to make you feel like shit. Apparently, the owner is known to throw cupcakes at you if you're not hauling ass during his workouts. (Scoffs.) What a freakin' waste of cupcakes!

On to other news... Courtesy of Big Fat Blog, here's a study about overweight people having a longer life expectancy. (Ha! Eat that Anti-Gym!) Aaaand if you're one of those people who likes to post-WOD hydrate with a beer, here's an article for you. Enjoy!

Finally, I'd like to announce that in my last series of blood tests, my hemoglobin A1C was at my lowest ever - 5.8. Woot! When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was at 10.0 - way over the normal limit. In fact, this indicated that I may have had diabetes for about ten years before they caught it. Since then, I've maintained my numbers in the mid to high 6 range, but my doctors would ideally like me to be in the low 6, high 5 range. I finally did it. Yea!

In truth, I'm surprised because my cupcake consumption these past few months has been a little embarrassing. When the doc asked how I did it, I said, "CrossFit." It was the only thing I could think of. However, I will say that making small changes to my eating helped too. I stopped thinking about all the food I could not have and focused more on adding good stuff like salad and fruit to each meal. I also stopped using Splenda. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I switched to plain old bitter lattes. Finally, I cut down on milk because my Asian genes are kicking in and my lactose tolerance is wearing thin. It's weird because it's just milk I have an issue with. I'm totally fine with cheese (in small amounts) and ice cream. Hmph.

In case you're wondering, my weight has stayed completely the same. Granted, my body composition is different that it was over a year ago, but weight-wise, the scales haven't moved. I'd like to care. But I won't for now.

My cholesterol levels are great too. My HDLs are 51 (ideal range is over 49) and my LDLs are 88 (normal range is 120s, but diabetics need to be under 100). Yeah. That's why I get to do thing with the lights on!

Jump ropes and burpees

CrossFit One World WOD
Complete three rounds for time of:
1 minute of kettlebell swings for max reps 35#
1 minute rest
1 minute of rowing for max calories
1 minute rest
1 minute of burpees for max reps
1 minute rest
1 minute of jumping pull-ups for max reps
1 minute rest
Your score is total reps and calories for all three rounds.

Here was my breakdown:
Kettlebell swings: 26/23/20 = 69
Row: 17/14/14 = 45
Burpees: 13/12/12 = 37
Jumping Pull-ups: 19/19/18 = 56

Joanne's Final Count: 207

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Admittedly, this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The minute rest goes by really fast, but it gives you the chance to re-group and aim for some kind of consistency. (That is, if you remember your previous counts, which I did not. ha ha!) I was hoping to break 200, so 207 was a complete gift.

For the warm-up, we did some jump roping. I managed to either maintain 45 skips or stay within 40-45 skips in 30 seconds. It's not a lot considering most people could squeeze 60 reps or so. However, seeing that I'm really weak on the ropes, I was actually happy with how I held up. I'm finding that I jump twice for each rotation. I need to fix that because the extra jump is wasted energy. Bleh.


Gladys said...

oh i love the news! congrats and big hugs. your cholesterol numbers are way better than mine, too. ugh, i gotta get in better shape and maybe cut back on the dairy, but i'm also glad to hear that you didn't have to give up the cupcakes to get those numbers! woohoo!

Joanne said...

Thanks Gladys. Yeah. I was really surprised with the numbers as well. Again, with eating, it's time and patience. I've been eating in way more than ever before.

Though I could still improve on my diet, I think less about cutting and more about adding. For example, when I start a meal with salad, I'm less apt to go for a full-blown dessert. In fact, these days, some fruit or a few bits of something yummy does the trick. (Lately I've been surprised at how long a tub of ice cream lasts in my house!)

Finally, though I can't prove it "scientifically," I think cutting the artificial sweeteners has something to do with it. I can't put my finger on it though. Hmph.

Jon said...

Congrats on getting below 6% for your A1C's!

There is a good chance that you might be able to get off of the Metformin (and any other Type II meds). I was in the same boat as you about three years ago and was on AdvandaMet (combo of Avandia and Metformin), but once I got into strength training and ultra-endurance sports while modifying my eating habits, I opted to get off the meds and took a chance. I ended up with a lower A1C number on diet & exercise alone versus diet, exercise & meds.

Although my diet is not as clean as it was, I'm still regularly active and all of my numbers are still good according to my last physical.

Stick with your method of madness (CrossFit)! You seem to be doing very well!

Congrats again!

Joanne said...

Thanks Jon! Your story makes my goals seem promising. I just want to get off the byetta and lipitor. If I can accomplish that, that would be great!

Jon said...

It's possible you might be able to get off the cholesterol meds as well. I was also prescribed Lescol as well in the beginning, even though my cholesterol numbers weren't high, but borderline.

Getting off the meds was a risk and I didn't tell my doctor that I was doing that. But I kept careful watch over my glucose readings during this time and did my workouts religiously along with the diet alteration (although I think I went a bit overboard with trying to reduce my carb intake, think of it as Zone gone wrong).

My body adapted within 60 days of doing this. My doctor was surprised, excited, and congratulatory about me doing this, but he did warn me that there is no official cure for diabetes or having high cholesterol and once you're diagnosed, you have to understand that it does have the potential of coming back. It goes back to the whole "trying to outrun your genes" thing.

I think what made me the most happy was when my doctor gave me the greenlight to testing only about 2-3 times a week with the glucometer than doing it every single day, multiple times a day. My fingers were so freakin' thrilled!

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