Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just wanted to give a shout out to Miss Jamie P. So far she's the only one who has been consistent with the muscle up challenge. (The female who does 30 muscle ups in a certain time will win $700.) I know she's done 30 of them, but they haven't been timed. I know you can do it Jamie! Now go get that cash! (...and feel free to buy me a cupcake with that cash!)

BIG KUDOS to my girl Margaret F. She sent me this article about Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser. I'm not a big Jillian fan. Her tough love is a little abrasive for me. However, I do like what she has to say in the article. I like that she points out that a skinny body and a healthy body are two different things. (But I am disturbed that she assumes that all obsese people are doomed for disease. I disagree because weight is relative and there are people who are considered obsese who are actually healthy. You can refer to BFB for more info.) What I love most about the article is that Jillian admits that she hates working out. Pretty funny considering her career is based her her making other people work out. It's refreshing to know that the queen of exercise needs some motivation too.

Run 2.2 miles (Note: My time was 23:26. This is part of my half marathon training.)
Row until the 800 meter runners come back.
Stretching and prep for the WOD.

CrossFit One World WOD
Complete five rounds for time of:
Do five back thrusters on the east side of the gym. (A back thruster is a thruster done with the bar behind the neck.) Lunge step to the roll-up door. Do ten kettlebell swings just outside the roll-up door. Bear crawl back to where you started the lunge steps (by the black pull-up bars).

My back thrusters were 63# and my KB swings were 35#.

Joanne's Final Time - 14:18

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I was really happy with today's 2.2 mile run. It was the fastest time I've ever had for that distance. I ran nonstop and averaged under 12 minutes per mile. Woot!

Overall, I liked this WOD. I would have liked to do a heavier thruster weight (rx'd was 95#). However, I'm not good at transitioning from the up position back to the shoulder position. This is why I kept it light. Overall, it was great until round five. My leg started cramping up during the lunges. I paused to massage the cramps out and made it to the end. However, the cramps hit me soon after the WOD was over. They were the kind of cramps that wouldn't stop stinging. I was dying! I just laid on the floor because there's not much you can do when something like that happens. Big thanks to Eric and Jamie for their help today.

While suffering, I realized that I hadn't had much to drink all day long. The weather has been cooler and I guess I've taken hydration for granted. Also, the water fountain at the gym has been out of sync for some time now and I've been lazy about going back for water. (Actually, I just find it a waste of time because five minutes at the water fountain will get you about four ounces of water. Bleh.) Unfortunately, I had to pay it back big time!

For the record, I'm officially upset at the One World contradictions. I sort of understand taking away the candy machines to inspire healthier snacking. (I didn't mind either way because I don't use the vending machines.) However, to provide more beer than water is just uncalled for. (Apologies. It's the post-leg cramps talking.) I urge my One World family to PLEASE get the water fountain fixed. The water pressure is so low that unless you plan on making out with the fountain (which is both gross and unsanitary), it's hard to get any H2O out of it. End bitchy rant.

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