Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nuun tablets

First off, a big thank you to Matt Hart (or whoever happens to run your blog) for leaving a comment on this post. From what I gather, Matt is a professional athlete who is sponsored by nuun.

As I mentioned in the side bar, when I do long distance running, I do it with nuun tablets. Back in 2005 when I trained for the Maui Marathon, our coaches told us about using Gu or some kind of energy gel to help us get through the longer distances. It’s advised that we try several ones to figure out what is most agreeable with our systems and such. So during one of the runs, I tested out the Gu.

I have type II diabetes and for some reason (it’s just how my body happens to work), exercise initially spikes my blood sugars. I’ve seen it spike to almost 200 after a major workout. That’s a bad thing. The good thing is, the sugar levels off and I get a long, sustained lower blood sugar level. I had to learn the hard way that in long distance running, Gu just doesn’t work for me. The sugar/carb count is way too high. During the one run I tested the Gu, my blood sugar level was over 250, my head hurt, and I was seeing silver. Seriously. I looked around the Berkeley Marina and everything was silver. I thought I was in some random scene in The Matrix and all I was missing was Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.

The problem is, I’m a heavy sweater and though I may not need the carb charge Gu gives me, I do need to restore some electrolytes and such. Gatorade is way too sugary as well. So what’s a diabetic to do?

This is where nuun comes in. I highly recommend it because the carb and sugar count is non-existent. They’re agreeable (at least with my system). The tablets make it easy for you to travel with. Plus, they come in a ton of flavors. You can’t go wrong with that! I find that nuun and a few bits of a protein bar or some nuts work great to get me through those long runs.

So Gu if you want to. But if you’re like me and simply can’t, then I recommend that you use nuun tablets.

**FYI I am in no way paid or compensated for sharing my opinion about nuun or any of the products I feature in “fierce products.” These are just things that I personally like. However, if you are from nuun and you want to shoot a gal some stuff to try out, I’d have absolutely no objections to that. I promise to share an honest opinion about it!

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