Monday, July 31, 2006


short jog

Cone Drills:
Redlines - 5 rounds
Run 400 meters
Running Backwards - 5 rounds
Run 400 meters
Side to side - 5 rounds
Run 400 meters
Sprints - 6 rounds
Run 400 meters

Freddy's 10-minute abs
you have to be there to know what this is.

Bag Work
Straight Punches
Hook Punches
Skip Knees
High Elbows
Intense Fighting
Plank Lifts (or Burpees)
(15 second intervals; three rounds)

Dumbell Work
15 lb. Dumbell Squats
10 lb. Dumbell Press
(30 second intervals with a 15 second break between transition; three rounds)

OWMA Quotable Quote
"My chain is broken!"
- said by Joanne to convince Freddy that we should stop doing bicycles

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