Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This image is courtesy of Crossfit. On thier Monday, July 24th entry, they posted this photo. Freddy, my Fit-2-Fight instructor is pictured on the front row, right side. He's the guy with the tatted sleeves squatting with that huge barbell. Congrats to Freddy for his CrossFit certification!

Instructor: Freddy

Warm up
Row machine
Run 400 meters
Jump rope
Run 400 meters
Jump rope

For Individual Times
20 push-ups (on knees)
30 wall ball sit-ups
50 squats
(Do this for three rounds; Joanne's time: 13:54)

Heavy Bag Work
Hook Punches
Straight Punches
Elbows High
(15 second intervals; three 3-minute rounds)

Barbell/Dumbell work
45 lb. bench press (30 seconds)
Rest 15 seconds
8 lb. Dumbell shoulder press (30 seconds)
Rest 15 seconds
(So this for two rounds; Freddy spots)

OWMA Quotable Quote
Joanne: I hate you Freddy!
Freddy: You know you want to have my babies!
Joanne: Stop. You're making me cry now.
- a friendly conversation between Joanne and Freddy

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