Monday, April 25, 2011

the fierce runner

Taken at the Kaiser 5K earlier this year.
I'm not sure if you all know this, but this blog started when I decided to run the Maui marathon back in 2005. It was originally called "the fierce runner" (hence the URL). Back then I had fantasies of being a bona fide runner, participating in marathon after marathon.

However, that dream died quickly when I started having major blister problems. For some reason,  every three years, the running bug tends to bite me. This year is no different. After the marathon, I didn't touch running until 2008 when I ran the Nike Women's Virtual Half Marathon.

I can't quite remember why, but I haven't run much since then. This year, 2011 is again, the year of running. It started with the Kaiser Permanente 5K back in February. I ran this with Miss Lori because I've always wanted to run this event. It was a lot of fun and I plan on doing it again next year. Because this was such a great event, Miss Lori and I decided to run the Mermaid Run East Bay in a few weeks. That's also a 5K that we signed up ages ago. Miss Lyn will also join us:)

With the Mermaid run on my mind, I was wondering if I would be ready or willing to run another half marathon. I've always wanted to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon again. It's a great event, but terribly difficult to get into, since they pick via random lottery. As luck would have it, one of my students told me that this year, they're allowing college students to bypass the lottery and get in for a discounted rate. Viola. I'm in and running it in October! fathlete confession: I'm seriously considering signing up for the San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon just two weeks prior the Nike Half. It would be a good practice run. Hmmm.... Still seriously considering it.

Finally, I've been so jazzed about the Mermaid run that I decided to sign up for the Mermaid Run San Francisco in November. This time I'm doing the 10K.

Yes folks. This is the year of the fierce runner. Watch out!

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