Wednesday, May 16, 2012

for the love of vogs!

Me celebrating my new shoes in the photo booth!

It's been months since my last post. Apologies. I'm still trying to figure out what I want this blog to be. I no longer CrossFit and am a member at the local gym. In truth, I love it. It's what I need now and it has definitely been good for my sanity and well being. I don't hate me as much as I was during the tail end of my CrossFit days. Don't get me wrong, I still think CrossFit is an excellent workout system. For now, it's just not for me. I'm okay with that. But this post has nothing to do with exercise or health. Rather, it has EVERYTHING to do with my love of Fluevogs. To catch you up, I professed my love for the Canadian shoe brand here. Note: It's my belief that fantastic things come from Canada. It must be the universal healthcare! Moving on...

Yesterday was International Fluevog Day. On May 15th, the gods and goddesses of Fluevog plan a day of festivities at their respective stores (photo booths, cupcakes, balloons, cutesie little giveaways, etc.). All day long, there is a plethora of specials going on, including the only day you'll ever get you favorite, classic shoes at a 15% discount. (I know it doesn't sound like a lot. However, it's either that, buy used on ebay, or pay full price.) Certain online orders receive free shipping, etc. 

I've been feeling really down lately for various reasons (that I don't really care to share right now). When  International Fluevog Day rolled around, I debated not going. I figured it was no loss, as I had never visited the store during International Fluevog Day anyway. However, yesterday was different. I needed to get out and visiting Le Dealers at the Kingdom of Haight always puts a smile on my face. Also, since it was a weekday, I figured I could time my visit just right so that I could avoid the crowds. Sporting my brown with purple Viardot, I made my way to the World of Fluevog, Kingdom of Haight, to visit Le Dealers on their very special day.

An old photo of Le Dealers and the Fluevog
IV. Shirl, Dorothy, Jim, Gladys, me, and
Denny at the Haight Street store.
In the interest of making a not too long, but fabulous story short, I happened to be in the middle of my transaction when Mr. John Fluevog himself FaceTimed the store. Per the IFD festivities, if you're the person making a transaction when The Master of Vogs calls in, you get to talk to him! And I did just that. I'm sure I sounded like a blundering idiot. During our conversation, The Master of Vogs gave me the greatest news a Vog lover could hear. My purchase was going to be FREE, courtesy of him. Yup. That's right. I walked away yesterday with not one, but TWO pairs of deliciously gorgeous shoes (check out my photo booth photo above). Currently, I am the proud owner of two new Minis, the Elif and the Qtee. I couldn't be happier. (me doing the happy dance)

As I mentioned to my dear friend Ayu, winning the shoes was simply perfect. I didn't wish for more than I was given. I was happy and grateful. Even better, my dear friends and Le Dealers were just as elated as I was. I needed to feel this way. As I write this, my new Qtees are at my feet. Many thanks to The Master of Vogs for such a phenomenal company. Of course, many thanks to Le Dealers (Jim, Denny, Allan, Monica, and the lovely gentleman who helped me with my photo booth shots Ed) for making my day. I will love these shoes for life:)


Gladys said...

The stars aligned just so...and you decided to go at the exact right time! I don't really believe in fate or destiny, but in this case I think you were MEANT to win those shoes! Congratulations, Duchess of Haight Fluevog and beloved Pusher! <3

j-ro said...

Thanks my dear:) Yes. It all seemed to fall in line. I'm still SUPER happy:)