Wednesday, May 25, 2011

executive decisions

Yes. I know. It's been a while. In truth, today was my first run since the Mermaid Run. Seriously. I need to get back on track. GAH!

In other news, I chopped off my hair. I needed it. Yay. The photo to the left is what it currently looks like. Yes. It's short. And I'm happy. Sometimes a gal just needs some change...

Today's Small Victories
 I ran. (I ran so far away... And I ran. I ran til night and day... I couldn't get away...)

Psyching myself out for the run!

Today's Workout
Run 3-ish miles

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
This was my intention: It's been a while since I've run or worked out. I wanted to do this slowly. Therefore, I intended to run 5K at a 4:1 pace (4 minute run, 1 minute walk) so that I could practice the POSE technique. I sported my Nike Free to do this.

This is what actually happened: A few minutes into the run, my pants started falling down. Seriously. As in I had to run to the nearest bush to make sure I was still decent. As in when I was decent and started running again, my pants fell down. AGAIN. This meant I had to walk. I was trying to beat the sun setting, so I fell a little short of my usual 5K.

These are the valuable lessons I learned today: POSE running isn't as drastic as I imagined it to be. It's simple actually. You lean forward, like you're about ready to fall. Once you do that, the body automatically starts to propel itself forward and you run. Because of this, your strides are automatically shorter and your heels kick toward your butt. The change in form is subtle, but I see how it is efficient. However...

...with all the hub-bub about POSE running comes all the hub-bub about shoes. Even I fell for that silly trickery. I was actually going to purchase the New Balance Minimus to wear for short runs and then use my regular motion control for the longer runs. After today, I've made some executive decisions about shoes - including holding off on buying the Minimus because...

...the important thing about POSE running is the technique itself - short strides, lean forward, striking at the midfoot as opposed to the heel. It's about the technique, not the shoes. I've been thinking about this for a while and it finally came to me while walking (to avoid my pants falling off) today...

... My shoe does not determine my running technique. I determine my running technique. Therefore, it shouldn't matter what shoe I wear because shoes are about the support that your feet and your body need. I'm not built like a lot of runners. a.k.a. I'm fat. And I have flat feet. And I'm prone to ankle sprains. I need my motion control shoes because I need the support. In just looking at minimalist runners, they're all thin and light, which is why thy can handle a minimalist shoe. I just don't have those kind of feet or that kind of body. I'm okay with that...

...I came to this conclusion when a runner passed me by. In watching his technique, he was definitely a POSE runner, but he as wearing traditional running shoes. This is probably because he naturally runs that way. See? You can POSE in shoes. You can. You can. You can. Ha ha!

...Finally, low-rise workout pants have to place in my high-impact workout repertoire. Period.


Gladys said...

lol! i'm sure the folks behind you appreciated the view, though!

happy that you were able to come to a good realization like that (about the shoes, and also the pants, I guess).

j-ro said...

I'm sure. Unfortunately, my pants were falling from the front:(

LynPhoMaNiac said...

It's time to purchase a new pair of Lucy Pants. I found out that the Bonded Gym Pants, the Siren Song & the Power Lift Pants held up pretty good when running. The only downside was the length. I still needto hem the Bonded Gym Pants. The X Training & the Hatha were a little low rise for me. I have to keep pulling it up especially when I'm running. Also, the Nike Free shoes were great. I finally bought the Purple & Black Nike Free. They feel great during CrossFit short runs & WODs (burpees & box jumps). I miss working out with you, Lori & Roya in CrossFit. When are you ladies coming back?

maria said...

You look fantastic! I absolutely LOVE the hair-do!