Wednesday, January 05, 2011

from le twins...

...for le twins. This is the post that I dedicate to le twins Mary and Maria. These crazy ladies gave me some awesomely hilarious gifts for my bday this year. While I know you're likely to be fixated on the candy tassels, do take note of the funny cards. I love these two bad asses!

Today's Small Victories
I made it to the gym. Also, I'm trying to get back on track with respect to cooking and prep. I've been slacking because of the holidays. Today I was back to my green smoothie with eggs and Canadian bacon breakfast. Gah. I need to spice up the eggs and bacon thing. It's getting kinda old...


CrossFit One World WOD
Run 2 miles
Joanne's Final Time - roughly 19 minutes

Notes (to myself) about this workout: You may have noticed that I didn't do the posted WOD. This happened for a few reasons... First off, I came in late. While I'm sure Raz would have let me jump in, I think coming in late is a little rude and if I can help it, I'll do my own WOD on my own time. Second, it's the new year and I ended up getting too involved with chit-chat with some of my favorite people. I meant to run 2.2 miles and then row 2k. But time ran out. About the running.... I ran the 2 miles and then walked for about three minutes, and then ran the rest. In total, I was out for under 24 minutes. I don't know what happened. I guess I just ran out of gas and decided to walk. Man, I'm in so out of running shape. Boo! On the upside, if my calculations are correct, my running time averaged under 10 minutes per mile. If that is so, then this is the fastest mile I had ever run. I've never even known my mile to be in the 10 minute range. Woot!

Getting back in the game slowly but surely...


maria_the less evil twin said...

You are such a beautiful woman! We were talking about that the other day. Your warmth, spirit, energy, and everything that makes you,......YOU!

We see Light when we look at you. Seriously!!

Love, Le Twins!

j-ro said...

Awww.... Le Twins are awesome! Many thanks!