Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This kid is so cool!

These photos were taken of my nephew Theo (Nikko) Tydingco. They are so cool! You’re probably looking at these photos wondering, “How the hell do you know if it’s Theo or not?” Easy. I’ll show you.

Tip-off #1: Theo’s jersey number is 97.

Tip-off #2 (and the one that guarantees it’s Theo every time): See the color of the ice? White. Very white. See the color of the kid’s face behind the mask? Brown. Very brown.

And that’s how you know it’s Theo.

(Okay, there are other things that will tip you off like the way Theo skates or the way he tapes his socks, what his helmet looks like or maybe even the pants he’s wearing. But I always go with #2. You’ll never be wrong with that one!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Joanne! I found myself missing you today and so I got my fix via the blog. Its no substitute for your company, but it'll hafta do! Sounds like things are going alright over there, which I am glad to see... Hand transcribing interviews though... I understand not wanting to lug a computer in the heat, but is doing it be hand making more work for you? Things are pretty good over here... still not done with chapter one of the dis, hopefully I will be tomorrow. The stress of all of this is funking up all of my body cycles, thus why I am still awake. But I suppose I'd better try to sleep. g'nite -danika

Joanne said...

miss you too danika! will send you an email in a bit!