Wednesday, December 28, 2005

gearing up for a new year of running

A few weekends ago was the premiere of the Runbutan 2005 Maui DVD. It was put together by Mateo Reyes and I must say, he did a phenomenal job. I loved the way he juxtaposed the marathon footage with the I-Hotel footage. Also, his music selection was great. I can't say enough about it. My favorite part was the special features that had Coach Herb and Mark Ramos's original song, "26 miles ain't no joke." Bravo Mateo for such a great DVD.

It's funny because as I'm watching the footage, I kept thinking, "what a bunch of posers!" For some reason, everyone looks so happy to be running the actual marathon. When the cameras go on, the smiles turn on. It's hilarious! For me, I remember the actual marathon being a lot more grueling than the DVD shows. I was glad to see that I wasn't in the footage much because all I could remember was the heat, the misery, and the guilt that came over me for not pulling my weight for my team. I think Cici has some photos of me hunched over in complete agony. Those photos encapsulate the actual marathon experience for me.

Just to clarify, there is a big difference between running the actual marathon and training for the marathon. The training was a lot of fun and hard work, but the company, laughter, and good times with folks is immeasurable. For that, I wouldn't trade in being a runbutan for anything.

Sadly, I won't be running anymore full marathons. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that my running days are over. I've just decided that half marathons are the way to go for me. They're gentler on the body and allow me to pursue other athletic adventures. Right now, I'm running in the gym (but will probably take Rex's advice and go on an actual outdoor run on Dec 31st to celebrate my year of running), doing yoga, spinning and strength training. Also, I'm back to krav maga training at a new studio in Union City called One World Martial Arts. Right now, the building is still under construction, but classes are offered for FREE (until construction is complete)! So check them out if you're interested.

As the year is close to an end, I am gearing up for the future of my running. As mentioned before, I needed running shoes and orthotics, both of which I finally invested in. For my orthotics, I went to a place in Fremont called Foot Solutions. The people there were great! I went there before the marathon to show them my old orthotics and explain my blister problem. They helped me fix that problem by replacing my old orthotics with an arch support. Although I still got blisters during the actual marathon, they came from the sponges and not the insert. When I went in to get my new orthotics, they took a digital, 3-D imprint of my feet. The actual inserts came perfectly molded to my feet. I didn't need a break-in period at all. They're perfect! I also invested in a brand new pair of running shoes. I switched to Brooks Aerial, which have treated me well so far. A very big THANK YOU to my family and friends who so kindly donated to my "running fund." You gave me all the money I needed to get my new year of running started. Thanks!

So cheers to everyone who ran this year or plans on running (anything) next year. If you know of any good, local races, please let me know. I'm looking to run the SF Half Marathon in July and the Nike Women's Marathon in October. I'm hoping to do one in March or April as well. Any takers? Contact me. I could always use the company.

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