Monday, October 24, 2005

pope germs

Yesterday I walked the Nike Women's Half Marathon with Angie, Cici, Ricky, and Lovella. Although this was not an official Runbutan event, a group of Runbu-goddesses decided to participate in the event. After six hours of the conquering the course, we crossed the finish line with Mama Angie and Papa Ricky.

Of course, some stories have to be told so here it goes... While we were walking through the Sea Cliff (a fancy residential area), there weren't any bathrooms around. Angie found a port-o-pottie, opened the door and closed it right back up (ugh! there needs to be a better way to make port-o-potties). Luckily, a nice lady named Sue saw this from her home. She approached Angie and asked if she needed to use the bathroom, Angie said yes and Sue offered her home. I accompanied Angie to Sue's house (partly because I needed to use the bathroom and refuse to use a port-o-pottie, and partly because I wanted to "do my business" in a rich person's house - a desire Angie and I expressed in whispers). Of course, her house was beautiful. We walked up these stone steps and Angie noticed that they had model ships in their window.

Sue's husband finally answers the door and we enter a marble-covered vestibule where we had to wipe our feet... twice. As Angie described, the house looked like it came out of Architectural Digest - complete with fresh flowers, Persian rugs, regal furniture. I don't know what Angie's bathroom looked like, but the one I was in was attached to a bedroom. Again, everything was marble and antique. I tried to "finish" as fast as I could, but couldn't help but think, "I'm doing my business in the nicest bathroom I've ever been in."

When Angie came out of the bathroom, Sue said that she just remembered who the last person was that used the same bathroom Angie used. The bathroom was last used on Friday by the pope...

...the Armenian pope.

Apparently, Sue and her family had a gathering that Friday and the Armenian pope just happened to pop (and poop) on by. Sue said that since the pope used the bathroom, no one else used it. (That is, until Angie made her stop.) Sue then said that Angie and bean are now blessed.

As we were sharing the story with the group, we laughed because Angie is not only blessed... she now has pope germs on her butt:) (Angie, I think you should tell this to your local priest!)

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Gladys said...

Ah, the "filthy" rich. ;)

Gotta love that story, and it makes me wish I could have "done my business" in a designer bathroom, just once in my life.