Monday, January 02, 2006

Ottawa update

Hello all! This is just a quick update about the Ottawa tournament my nephew Nikko was in. As I mentioned before, he won game MVP for their first game and was named "Best Defenseman" for the tournament all-star game. The "Best Defenseman" title is an important one, as this tournament had participants from all over the world. The Blackhawks ended up winning two games and tying one game.

The Ottawa trip was bittersweet for the family because due to some controversy about the all-star game (and some other brewing issues), my brother-in-law voluntarily stepped down from his position as the team's assistant coach. As far as I know, many parents are disappointed and some are simply outraged because they know how important he and my sister are to the team. Scheduling study halls, organizing small field trips to the local sites they travel to, running practices, and of course, making time for the team to play and bond are of the many things Norbert does as an assistant coach. Right by his side is my mighty sister Tina who pulls through with a lot of the ideas Norbert conjures up (but doesn't always know who to execute). For example, she helps with their website, creates team communication books for when they go on the road, and any other project that comes up (if you look at their website, the "Happy Hockeydays" photo was designed by my sister, along with their holiday cards). It's a somber way to start off the new year.

On a lighter side, below are the photos and captions that were in the Ottawa Sun that were printed with the story about Norbert and Nikko. Enjoy!

Santa Clara Blackhawks major peewee AA coach Norbert Tydingco and his son Theoren ham it up on Parliament Hill while in town for the 7th Annual Bell Capital Cup which opened Thursday December 29.

The Santa Clara Blackhawks ham it up for the camera by doing jumping jacks on the steps of Parliament Hill on the opening day of the 7th Annual Bell Capital Cup Thursday, December 29.

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