Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Coca CrossFit Plus

I'm all about progressive ways about approaching health and ideas of fat, athleticism, etc. Admittedly, one of the things that bothers me about CrossFit is the slogan, "Forging elite fitness." This is because it seems so limiting and uninviting. If CrossFit is adaptable for every BODY and fitness level, then I don't understand why it should belong only to the "elite." (Yeah. It only sounds cool until a brilliant someone points out that it doesn't make sense, huh?!) Anyway...

Confession: I stole this photo. This is
Kate "killer" Rawlings, owner of COCA CrossFit.
I just wanted to take a moment to give major KUDOS to the folks at COCA CrossFit, located in Ohio. Today they just started a great program called Coca CrossFit Plus. The program is designed to: "...provide a safe non-judgmental environment where plus size clients can participate in regular CrossFit classes. Workouts will be designed for any size, shape or fitness level." The program is headed by Kate "Killer" Rawlings. fathlete confession: I'm always suspicious of people who try to do programs like this. It comes from my, "only a fathlete knows what another fathlete needs" mentality. HOWEVER, I'm positive that Kate and the amazing folks at COCA are going to do a fabulous job with this program.

After doing some research, I was really inspired by Kate's story. She was a D-1 athlete who, after college, gained over eighty pounds. She went from that to placing 29th at the 2010 CrossFit games. For an interview with Kate, click here. Also, when I emailed her asking about her program, she replied promptly and was very kind. Again, KUDOS and good luck! I'm sure we'll be hearing great things about Coca CrossFit Plus!

For those of you who consider yourselves plus size, are in the Ohio area, and are a little intimidated with CrossFit, I recommend that you give COCA CrossFit and/or their Coca CrossFit Plus program a shot. You never know what you can do until you give yourself a fair chance to try!

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